Is there a shortcut to success?

There are so many great blog posts, books and courses out there. All of them promise to make success easy. Just follow these tips, or do these things, and voila! You can have thousands of dollars in a month, or sign all the clients you want. Right? All of these shiny objects look so good, but are they really a shortcut to success? Or are they just a distraction?

The struggle is real…

That flash in the corner of your eye, and you turn to look. If you’re at home, you may forget what you were doing, and you can get frustrated. If you’re in your car… well you may end up in a ditch or worse. But did you know you can have similar issues in your business?

Shiny object syndrome is when, as a new business owner, you sign up for every freebie, buy every ebook or ecourse that comes your way! It sounds good, right? They promise success, shortcuts, easy-peasy secrets.. but the problem is, you are only getting distracted from your own business.

There is no shortcut to success. The only way to succeed is to set a goal, make a plan and stay focused. I wrote all about what shiny object syndrome is, and how to overcome it over at It’s all You, Boo.

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There’s no shortcut to success

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