Sales Page Checklist


Don’t be scared of selling. Use this guide to make writing a sales page easy.


One of the biggest things that seems to scare most online business owners is asking for the sale.

Whether that’s asking a potential customer if they are ready to buy or putting your product out there for sale, it can feel quite nerve-wracking to try to sell something.

But the truth is, sales are the fuel of your business.

If you aren’t selling, you really aren’t in business at all.

One of the ways we can sell online is using a sales page. This is a dedicated page on your website that details what your product is, why your customer should buy it, and gives them a way to purchase.

Writing a sales page often scares the pants off new entrepreneurs.

So I created a step-by-step checklist to help you write a simple, effective sales page.  It’s literally a sentence-by-sentence guide.

Never get scared by sales pages again.

Inside find:

  • A sentence-by-sentence guide on what to write
  • Questions to guide your writing
  • Tips on what will sell your product & what won’t
  • When to add your “Buy Now” button

Selling might be scary but you don’t have to be scared about writing sales pages anymore. Use this checklist to make your writing easy.


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