Branding Basics for Beginners Bundle


Don’t stress about branding. Use these tools to create your own brand, quickly and easily.


Your brand is the “face” of your business.

Your Brand is the face and personality of your business. And it’s important to your overall marketing strategy. So there’s some pressure to get it right the first time. 

Do you know what a brand is? Or even where to start? How do you know which colors, fonts, icons, and other branding elements fit your brand? Where do you even start?

That’s why the Branding Basics for Beginners workbook was created. In this workbook, you’ll detail exactly who you’re talking to, what they are attracted to, and how your personality will fit into your brand. Using the prompts, you can create your own brand, simply and easily.

Then we add in a few templates, so that you can put your newly-created brand to work, right away.

And we’ll show you exactly how to do it, with the powerful, yet easy-to-use online graphic design program, Canva.

Take the stress out of creating your own brand with the Branding for Beginners Bundle.

Included in this package, you’ll get:

  • Branding Basics for Beginners workbook(valued at $14)
  • Your Brand Board template (valued at $27)
  • 3 social media templates (valued at $25)
  • a video-based Canva tutorial, so you can customize your templates (valued at $45)
  • a $25 coupon off a private branding & logo consultation with me!

That’s a total value of over $130!! Get your copy today.  And make branding easy.


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