Your 90 Day Motivational Journal Planner


Traditional planners only allow space for one aspect of your life. You need more. The 90 Day Motivational Planner combines the best of many types of planners for a more comprehensive, complete, and inspiring planning experience.

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Are you a planner junkie?

If planners get you excited, then you’ll love this one.  It’s got just the right combination of beauty, functionality, and motivation to encourage you to not only set goals, but also to achieve them. It’s the ultimate comprehensive complete planner for working and work-at-home moms.

If you’ve tried every single planner, journal, or agenda under the sun, then this is what you need.

A truly comprehensive, complete planner.

There’s enough structure to help guide your thinking, but also enough free space so your creativity can free-flow. We’ve got checklists, calendars and charts to help you get through your day. We’ve also got places for your inspiration, gratitude journalling, and future plans to pour out from your imagination to paper. It’s comprehensive and complete – a solution for the working mom.

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Pages include:

  • Monthly calendar
  • Daily appointments
  • Weekly meal planning
  • Habits Tracker
  • Project planning
  • Gratitude prompts
  • and more!

Digital, printable, reusable!

Because this is a digital printable (meaning you download and print yourself) you can print only the pages that are useful to you — and you can print them off as many times as you need!

So if you have more than one project to plan, you can print off all the project planning sheets that you require for your planning needs. Or if you’re hoping to encourage good habits for all the members of your family, then print off as many habit trackers as you require.

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Quarterly, comprehensive, complete planner

This motivational planner is set up for 3 months at a time (with one extra month for future planning needs) so you can just print out a quarter at a time. Sprinkled throughout the 90 days are motivational quotes, phrases and thoughts, that will help you get started and stay on track to meet your own goals. Think of them as your own built-in stickers!

Not traditional

Traditional planners are meant for one purpose — to organize a household, OR to run a business, OR to keep track of a family. And traditional planners often don’t leave room for the needs of a working or work-at-home mom. We’ve got families, homes, and careers to manage. And juggling multiple planners doesn’t quite fit the bill.

If you’ve got a non-traditional lifestyle, then you need a non-traditional planner. You need a comprehensive, complete planner. Because you need to fit your home, family, work, and all the other pieces of your life into one central location — as much as possible. And it has to be flexible enough to handle the complication of your life, while firm enough to so you aren’t spending more time planning than doing.

Keep it all in one place — with a little extra push — with Your 90 Day Motivational Planner by XeraSupport.

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**WARNING: this file is very large, so be patient with the download **



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