Those who can, do, and those who can’t teach.

There are many reasons why someone might have skills but be unable to put them to good use. Small children at home, chronic illness, or other restrictions can make it hard to put previous training and knowledge to good use. But there’s a way you can use your skills. Just teach someone else. How can you teach when you are at home?

Thankfully, we have the internet.

Now anyone who wants to can use their skills, knowledge or training to teach others in that chosen field. Whether you choose to work as an independent contractor with an existing company, tutor independently and find your own students, or offer courses and webinars, you can make quick cash by teaching.

Teach English as a Second Language

If you have teaching experience, or often just a degree, you can work for one of many reputable companies and teach English online to young students in China, Japan, and Korea. VIPKids, TwoSigmas, Qkids, and others are often looking for tutors and language teachers. Pay can vary from a per-minute to per-hour to per-student rates, hovering around $14/hour. Usually, because of time zones, the hours available to work are early mornings or late evenings EST.

While you work from home, these aren’t as flexible as working for yourself. Technically, these are independent contractor positions at best, and can be more in the nature of a part time job, without the protections of a typical job. If you miss too many time slots (ie because someone is sick), you may lose your ability to work for these companies.

Most of these companies pay via PayPal.

Teach a Skill via Machine Learning sites

Whether you want to teach children or you prefer adult learners, there are sites that let you offer classes in a variety of skills and topics. Target children, and offer classes on science, history, art or music through websites such as CurrClick or OutSchool. Or teach business or technical skills online though a site like Udemy or SkillShare.

Using a site like this to set up and sell a course has many pros. They have an instant market, as they are well known educational sites, meaning your marketing can be minimal. They also have step-by-step instructions to help you with the administrative parts of creating a course to sell online. And they take care of all the hosting and selling, and you simply have to create and load your material on to the website.

However, there are some cons as well. Elearning sites like these often have steep fees. Udemy, for example, will take 30% of your course sales. You also can’t necessarily reuse your course material elsewhere, as content on your own website or social media, for example.

Most courses sold like this are priced between $30 and $50. And once you’ve created the materials, you don’t have to do any more work to generate income.

Teach information or tips via a Webinar

A webinar is an online web-based seminar, lecture or workshop. It’s usually done via invitation only, and involves both video and audio formats. Guests login to the webinar through their personalized link, connect to the chat room, video and audio, and then watch the slides and video, listen and interact with the teacher during the webinar.

Webinars are great for step-by-step tutorials, how-tos, suggestions for improvement, information or sales persuasion.

Platforms for selling webinars include sites such as Zoom, ClickMeeting, WebinarNinja, or GotoMeeting.

Webinars require a separate sales page to sell and get guests to invite. You can sell the webinar, or you can invite your guests to a free webinar, and use it as a set up to sell a longer course, ebook, or other service. Either way, you need to create a landing page to collect the email addresses of your guests. You’ll also give out the time and date on that sales page.

In your email invitation, you’ll send out the custom link to your guest, along with the reminder of the time and date of the webinar. You can also send out any handouts or printables you may have for your webinar.

After the webinar is done, depending on what platform you used, you may be able to offer a replay. The replay won’t be interactive, and you can put an expiry date on it as well. You can have the recording to sell, or to use as a free gift, later on, too.

Most webinars, if not used as a sales tool to sell longer courses, are priced between $30 and $200.

Teach a course on your specialty, with more control 

So you have specialist information, and you can teach a longer course on it. Whether you use a software platform, or you self-host your course, you can sell your courses in the format you choose. Your information, experience or expertise can make you quick money, just by advertising and selling your course.

There are a few platforms you can use to create your course. Teachable, Thinkific, Skilljar, or Podia are all great options for your course.  They can host the videos, your text and image content, your printable files and workbooks, along with anything else you want to include. They’ll also help you create the tables of content, the course descriptions, and even tie in with your payment processes.

Online training like this can run between $100 and $500, depending on how specialized it is or how well you establish your credibility. You’ll need an excellent sales page to be able to sell your ecourse. You’ll also need to offer some kind of money-back guarantee, which may leave you open to some risk, but that’s minimal.

Online courses can make you thousands quickly.

If you want to make money fast online, teach something.

What can you teach? Anything. Do you know all the presidents of the United States, in alphabetical order? Teach an intro course to American history. Have you survived the flu with small children? Lead a webinar on time management when you’re sick. Whatever skill or talent, education or experience you have, you can turn it into cash by teaching someone else.

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Make Quick Cash Online: Teach something

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