When life throws you lemons, sometimes you’ve gotta make lemonade. And sometimes, what you need comes right when you aren’t looking for it. That’s what Lisa Cappiello discovered a few years ago. A friend introduced her to something she didn’t even know she needed. Read her story, and see how success can happen, no matter what’s going on around you, in her direct sales interview.

  1. Tell me about your yourself.

    I am from Commack NY and now live in Lake Grove.  I am a single mom and I have two kids, ages 12 & 10.  Before I had children, my previous career was in banking, but I stopped working to be a full time mom to my kids.  I love all sports and I will try anything at least once. But my all-time favorite is horse-back riding. And in the summer, I’m an avid gardener.

  2. What is your business?

    I have a mobile app and website design business, and I’m an Isagenix representative.  My app design business is Appsolute Success Apps, and my Isagenix business is My Isagenix Success. Isagenix is a network marketing company, that offers five pillars for a better life. We want to help people reach their goals in weight loss, energy, performance, healthy aging and wealth creation.

  3. How long have you been working with your direct sales company?

    I have been with Isagenix now for 3 years and I am currently ranked as a manager within the company.

  4. Why did you want to work from home and work for yourself? What is your “why”?

    About 2011 I became separated and needed to find a way to earn money from home.  So I started my own mobile app & website design business (Appsolute Success Apps) which I have currently as well.I did not feel like myself, though. I drank a lot of coffee and did not eat well. When I look back now, I was so unhealthy.  I looked for medical help, but all the doctors told me I was ok.  They could not find anything wrong, yet my stomach was constantly hurting me.  I was not looking for anything in particular, but a friend introduced me to Isagenix.  She told me to just try it, as it will help you.I could not work for someone else after being home for so long.  Honestly, the thought of it freaked me out, not to mention the commute! I wanted to be there for my kids! First and foremost they are my WHY. They are little for such a short time and I did not want to miss a minute, just because I had to go to work and trade time for money.  I’m not working for myself for the money. The money isn’t what it’s about.  It’s about the freedom to do what you want.

  5. Why did you start this business? Did you look into any other business ideas? Have you tried any others before this one?

    I said YES to Isagenix because it allowed me time freedom, and most importantly financial freedom with the RESIDUAL INCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have ever had residual income or know what its all about you would break down walls to get it.I did look at other companies but Isagenix is a binary company. We do not have depths or limits to our compensation plan.  We can build as deep as we want and there are NO LIMITS OR CAPS.  Can you imagine that?   In addition the company believes more in personal development of their associates then selling products.  Its about US not them, which is not usually the case for many companies.  They believe that when we are better, we can help more people be better versions of themselves.

  6. How many hours do you work every day or week? What kinds of things do you do to make money?

    I work approx 1-2 hours a day at the moment as I am growing my business.  I host Sip & Samples at my house to help people see what the products are like.  And these also allows me to make a connection with them, so I learn best how to serve them.  Everyone is on their own journey and not always ready to make a change although they want to. The struggle sometimes is real.I connect with most people through Facebook first.  Then I like to move it offline, because you need to make that connection with people.  They buy YOU not the products and I understand that.  My goal for everyone is to get them healthy so they can live long healthy lives.  I want everyone to be around to see their kids smile, walk with their grandkids, laugh with their friends and make amazing memories.

  7. How long did it take to see your first sale? How long did it take to make a profit?

    I was a product user for 5 months before I signed anyone up.  At first I needed to fix me.  My profit is 100%, though, because there is no overhead.  I do not have to purchase products to sell or show people. We have FB groups that offer product info to help people learn what we have to offer. And if we would like, we can give samples to them.

  8. How do you help your customer? Why would they buy from you or work with you?

    I help my clients by working daily with them, especially when they first get started. Then, depending on their needs and goals, we decide together how much they want me involved.  I understand it can be a little overwhelming at first, with all these new products being added into their lifestyle.  I offer encouragement, product support and motivation to keep them going and remind them why they started.

  9. What do you like best about your business?

    There are a few reasons why I love Isagenix. First, my team have become family.  We all lift each other up.  We don’t have to fight for business or compete, because we know there is abundance all around. Second, I love the residual income.  I am creating a business that, even if I did not work that day or a few days, I will still get paid (every MONDAY!). I have built a team that keeps growing in 15 countries (with more to come this year).  Can you imagine having an international business and not have to get out of your PJs or leave your house to achieve it?? Third, the time freedom I am creating is phenomenal. I am no longer trading time for money like others do when they go work for someone else.  Network marketing is for anyone. It is simply awesome to be apart of, and I am grateful everyday for saying YES to the opportunity.

  10. How would someone start a business or like yours or with your team?

    To get started in network marketing with my company, all you need to do is say YES to better health.  There are three pack options we recommend people starting with, depending on their current budget.  I started with the top pack because I wanted the full experience, which gave me over 68 meals, vitamins and lots of free stuff! ($269 is a 30 day system, $399 30 day premium pak, & $589 weight loss value pack that I started with). All someone needs to do is be a product of the product and the rest just happens.  People start to see the changes and want it for themselves. Because they see that it’s possible.  The more you share with others, the larger your team grows.  It really is that simple.

  11. What do you do to help your new team members and your customers succeed?

    I am there for them when they need me to be and how they need me to be.  Everyone is different, so I meet them where they are, not where I need them to be.  I lead by example because if I show them it’s possible, they will have the confidence to do it themselves.

  12. What kinds of expectations should someone new to your direct sales business have?

    You should expect that you have to manage your time. You have to work the business to be rewarded for the business.Your time spent working the business will directly reflect your income.  Nothing is free in life, but we do get to choose how we spend our time.  I would rather work very hard in the comforts of my home for myself and reap the rewards then trade time for money and line someone else’s pockets.  The choice is yours!

  13. Anything else you would like someone to know about you or your business?

    Better now then later.  We all want that healthy long life, so remove the objections and roadblocks and get started today.  Everyday you wake up is a gift! Let’s live it the best way we can.  We take for granted our life, until it is taken away from us.  There are so many ways we can improve our health to achieve the best quality of life.

    So many say, oh my husband won’t let me or my wife will say no or it’s too expensive.  We spend over $600+ on our phones!  We eat fast food that is killing us and think we are saving money, because that hamburger was $1. We’re not thinking of the long term effects.  We get manicures regularly, we have expensive TVs and so many other things I could include.  I am asking when is it about you?  When will you invest in yourself?  When will you get comfortable in your own skin? It’s your decision to make your life great. Decide to make it happen!

  14. How can someone connect with you?

    You can contact me on my website, or via Facebook @easysixfigureincome or via email.

Interview with Direct Sales rep Lisa Cappiello

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