How can I work from home?

“How can I work from home” is one of the most popular searches online. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions in just about every Facebook group, message forum or email group. Everyone wants the “laptop lifestyle”, this ideal of being able to make money for minimal work, and travel the world, spend time with family, or whatever else you choose to do.

How can I work from home?

Whenever this question gets asked, inevitably the person asking gets flooded with network marketing and direct sales information. It’s one of the reasons network marketing and direct sales have such a bad reputation and the ick factor they do. It seems everyone is hawking their product, business opportunity or “join my team”, without considering the pros and cons.

There seems to be a huge misconception about working from home, and I think it comes from a misunderstanding about work in general.

For most people, “work” equals having a JOB.

From an early age, we’re accustomed to thinking that working a job and having a career is the normal, accepted, responsible thing to do. Teens get their first jobs, and learn all about dealing with shifts, hours and wages. We learn how to deal with difficult bosses, make friends with our co-workers and manage our lives around our work schedules.

Jobs are great things to have.

Most adults have jobs for the majority of their lives. They help pay the bills and provide the money for the fun things we want to do. Having a job is almost required for life in our Western society.

Almost, but not quite.

Jobs are just one way to make a living, but they aren’t the only way.

Having a job, even though it’s a way to make money, can be limiting to living life the way you want to. After all, you have to work when they say you have to work, not when you want to — and you can’t always take the time off you need. You usually have a boss you have to report to, and your income is definitely limited! For most of us, we trade our dollars for hours, and there are only so many hours to trade!

A work at home JOB is no different!!

The only difference between a typical job and a work-at-home job is the location of the workplace. You’ll still have a boss, a set schedule, and a limited income. Even if you do have a flexible schedule, either your income or your work quality standards might be affected. You may not get paid as much if you don’t work as much. Or if you have a standard for work, such as needing a quiet environment, it might be harder to do that at home, especially if you have children at home.

That brings us back to those ick factor “opportunities”.

Does working at home on your own terms mean you have to have a “home-based business”?

Yes, and no. If you want to truly fire the boss, and not work a job, then you’ll have to start a business. But you don’t necessarily have to have a “home-based business”, as in a network marketing or direct sales business.

For some, a direct sales or network marketing business is the ideal vehicle for having the lifestyle they want. For others, a direct sales or network marketing business is a money trap. Not only do they not make money, but they end up spending more than they wanted to.

But the truth is you have to have a business to have flexible, unlimited work at home.

Whether you freelance, blog, create and sell products, or provide a service, you can start a business and work from home. There are millions of ideas out there in order to create that home business. They all have one thing in common though.

It takes work to work from home.

There’s no such thing as “free money”, and anything that promises you money for no work is a scam. Most of us are smarter than that, but we can all be tempted into thinking that we shouldn’t have to work hard for our money. We can see the ads from these gurus that claim they make thousands for just a few hours work a week. And if you buy their e-course, webinar or e-book, they’ll teach you all the secrets on how they do it.

I’ll teach you those secrets right now, free!

Create a video showing you skiing off the slopes of the Alps  or flying in a helicopter, or lounging on a tropical beach somewhere. Put it up on Facebook with ads, and link it your sales page. Write a short e-book describing how you created that video and bought ads on Facebook for it, or create a short slide presentation and sell tickets. Charge a couple hundred dollars for the book or webinar, and you can make money too. The key to the success for this business model is how good is your sales page!

You can work from home, without the ick factor.

So how can I work from home, legitimately? Provide something of value. It doesn’t have to fill a need. It can be a luxury thing. But it’s about what value you can give, not about the money you can make. A business with integrity gives value to their customers.

The specifics will be up to you, limited only by your imagination. Your skills, passions, interests, knowledge and experience will contribute to the products and services you can sell. After all, you’re unique, and no one else has lived exactly your life. You know something that no one else does, and you can share something in a way no one else can. Maybe you’re a mom who’s got a trick to getting a baby to sleep, or you’re a music teacher with a passion for making music accessible to special needs kids, or you have a hobby creating vegan versions of classic treats! There’s a way to package up your personal brilliance and sell it to another person.

How can I work from home?

Find your business idea, create a product and offer it for sale. When you have something to give, you have something to sell, and you can make money working from home. There’s always a way. You just need the right support.

How can I work from home?

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