Make Quick Cash Online: Make Something

How can you make money online? Try making something. Whether you make art, sew clothes, knit mittens or bake pies, you can sell it online for fast cash. Don’t believe me? You’re not alone.

My teenage daughter is something of an artist. She makes these fascinatingly intricate designs, that are beautifully outlined and detailed. We have framed a few and presented them as gifts, and they are proudly displayed at abstract art on the recipient’s wall.

I’ve asked her to let me sell them online. So far, she has refused. She doesn’t believe they are good enough for that.

Handcrafted items are a way to make quick cash online.

But many discount it, thinking they aren’t talented enough, or that their product isn’t good enough to sell. Too often, we are too hard on ourselves. If you create something from raw materials that is admired by anyone else, you would have a market for it.  The more unique it is, the more distinctive it is, the easier it is to sell it. Not everyone is creative or likes to manufacture things. And those of us that aren’t tend to love to buy from those that can.

If you can make it, you can sell it.

Some people have an eye for design. These people sew clothes, quilt blankets, knit and crochet. They build, paint, or refinish furniture. They bead, mold, and set jewelry. And they glue, wire, and painstakingly attach hair accessories, home decor, and memorable pieces. They carve, whittle and burn fine art. These designers create functional yet beautiful items.

Some people are incredibly talented artists. They draw, paint, sketch and write. They record film, play instruments and sing.  Or they sculpt, they weld, and they solder. They create galleries filled with displays of their hard work, ready to be hung on the wall. Or to sit with pride on the shelf. Or adorn the yard, window, and fence. These masters decorate and ornament the lives of their fans with gorgeous pieces.

Some people produce feasts for the senses. Their cakes are intricate yet delicious. Their treats are fantastic delights for the tongue. Soups, stews, savory selections steam out scents of succulence. The smells and sights that come from their kitchens make one’s mouth water. These culinary geniuses make the rest of us drool.

So what can you make?

You can make whatever you have the talent, desire and time to make.

Can you sew? Make clothes. Make kids’ clothes, women’s clothes, men’s clothes. Or make doll clothes or cute clothes for pets. Make accessories, like aprons, towels, sheets and pillowcases. Maybe quilt a blanket or two.

Can you knit or crochet? Make socks, mittens, hats and scarves. Knit slippers, afghans, doilies or blankets. Make sweaters. Make stuffed animals, keychains, or ornaments.

Can you paint? Paint pictures. Can you carve or sculpt? Create dishes, furniture, storage items, and display pieces. Make treasure chests, jewelry cases, gift boxes or key ring holders.

Bake cakes. Build a chair or a bed. Put together picture frames! Create scrapbooks, ready for someone’s pictures. Design that perfect pair of earrings. Then a necklace to match.

Be creative, and there’s nothing you can’t make to sell.

Where do you sell it online?

Sell it where your customers are most likely to be. If you are selling something bulky, such as furniture, or quilts and sweaters, or if you are selling edibles, you’ll need to stick to local online groups. So you’ll need a Facebook page, or website, to sell your items. Take lots of pictures and have a way to take custom orders and respond to messages.

Smaller items, such as jewelry, paintings, and handcrafted children’s clothes are easily shipped, so you can sell them around the world. Try creating an Etsy shop and take advantage of the traffic. Or sell on Ebay and Amazon.

There are other, specialized places online to sell too. Varage is an online virtual garage sale site, perfect for your refinished furniture and custom decor items. Bonanza is a way to get your craft items online, directly linked into Google Shopping.  And DaWanda is a Europe-based handcraft marketplace that lets you set up your own online store.

Things to consider before selling online

First, whenever you are selling something online, there’s the problem of how you get your item to your customer. If you are selling local, you’ll want to follow the same safety rules as when you are selling used items. Meet in person, accept cash only, and meet in a public place when possible. If you are selling globally, you’ll not only need to watch for scammers, but you’ll need to keep in mind shipping costs, customs and duty, and any fees from the sites you sell through.

Second, when you are selling handcrafted items, you may need to consider your local laws and bylaws. For example, in some areas, certain kinds of children’s clothing must be fire retardant. And selling edible items may be subject to health and safety regulations. Check with your local municipality for any requirements they may have.

Third, whenever you sell an item you create, if you do well, there will be copycats! Consider protecting your creativity and hard work by using copyrights, trademarks and licenses. And be careful when you are creating items. Popular cartoon characters, recognizable sports or celebrity names, and famous people often have their own copyrights. So you can’t just slap their logos and images on your items for sale.

Sell your talents online for a fast and easy income.

Want to make quick cash online? Use your creativity, and make something original. Then sell it online for a quick profit. It doesn’t have to look like something bought at Walmart. In fact, the more unique the appearance, the more likely you’ll find a market for your items. Turn your distinct flare into easy income, fast, by selling online.


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