How to earn fast cash by writing

Get paid to write!

Need to earn fast money? All those English classes in high school are about to pay off. Remember writing all those essays? Well now you can turn those skills into cash. You can make between very good money selling your writing online. If you remember proper English grammar, can use a spell check and your writing is somewhat readable, there’s a market out there for it.

Think about it. There are thousands of blogs, news sites, media sites, ebooks and books being read every day. Millions even. Somebody has to write all that content for you to read.

I personally run two blogs (this one, and my personal blog, RaisingRoyalty). It takes a lot of time, energy and work to put together the posts I put up on these blogs. Each blog post is approximately 1000 words. Each takes me about an hour to write, another hour to edit, and a 3rd hour to create the graphics and SEO tweaks. But the amount of time I put in to creating the content is hardly anything compared to the return on my investment. It’s well worth it.

What kind of writing can I sell?

There are multiple formats you can sell. From custom pieces, to articles and ebooks on your own blog, writing online can pay well. As long as you can write well, you can make money online. Maybe you have specialized knowledge on a topic. Or there’s an experience you can share. Did you learn a lesson? Create an article about it. And there’s a market for it.

  1. You can write an article, then sell it to another site.

So you spent some time researching and writing. You have a logical how-to article, or a backed-up editorial on a current event. Now you can shop it around to various sites. Check out this post for a list of websites that pay for articles on a variety of topics! This is a great way to earn fast money.

Make sure you know your rates going in. And practice writing “pitches” where you tell the editor about your article, without giving everything away. A pitch will tell the editor why they should buy your article, and how it will draw in traffic and benefit their readers. A good pitch is crucial to selling your articles online.

      2. You can write an ebook, and sell it on Amazon or other website.

An ebook is a digital book. These can be full length novels, or longer versions of articles, that stretch over 10+ pages.  You can sell your ebook for just pennies, or depending on the topic, length and value of the information, for up to $25.

Ebooks require a big more work than an article. You need to have careful editing. You’ll need to make sure it’s in the format that the site you sell it on needs — Kindle files, pdf, mobi, or some other format. And you’ll need to create a cover, table of contents (if you have chapters), and some kind of copyright page. Plus you need to register your copyright of your book, which can be time consuming. But once it’s all written and formatted, you can earn fast money through online sales. The best part is, once the work is done, the money can continue to come in for a long time.

      3. You can write your own blog. 

A blog is a kind of combination journal, magazine, and newspaper. Bloggers make money in three main ways: by selling advertising on their site (based on the number of visitors to the website), by selling other people’s products (AKA “affiliate marketing”) and by selling their own products through their blog.

Blogs do require a time commitment, and the income isn’t necessarily quick, though it can be. However, blogging income can be lucrative long term! And if you do it right, you can earn fast money through advertising or launching products.

       4. You can sell your writing services.

Some people want someone else to write for their blog or to write their book for them, without giving up total control over the topic. A copywriter can make money by selling custom writing services to clients. The copywriter would take their client’s ideas, and turn it into content for them. The copywriter doesn’t keep the copyright to the article or writing piece, and doesn’t get any credit. But they get paid cash.

If you’re ok with not getting credit for your hard work, than this option is for you! Sell your services and earn fast money.

Cautions for Freelance Writers

Be careful out there with your writing! New freelance writers can run into some common issues when they sell their writing.

First, be careful about plagiarizing. The rules for your college essays apply to online writing as well. Plagiarizing is not only wrong, it can be illegal, as in some jurisdictions, it can be considered stealing intellectual property.

Second, when you are selling your content, consider copyrights. Sometimes, when you sell your copywriting, you are selling the copyright as well. This means you cannot sell or use that piece of writing anywhere else. Most often, sites that pay for articles want original content anyways, so this isn’t a huge deal. Just make sure you keep track of what you’ve sold where, so that you don’t try to resell articles that you’ve sold the rights to, already.

Third, consider whether or not you will get the credit for your writing. In some cases, you can be paid for your writing, and get the credit for it, with links back to your own site or blog, if you have one. In other cases, you don’t get the credit. If you are allowed to claim that article, you may be paid less than an article you sell outright, without your byline on it.

And finally, be cautious about the scams out there. When you are looking to be paid to write, you should not have to pay to publish your writing. Unless you are self-publishing a book, there’s no reason you should pay to have your article or story published! Some companies will offer to publish your article, for a fee. Be very careful about the terms and conditions of these offers. Most of the time, they aren’t worth the money.

Earn fast money online by writing

So grab your thesaurus and brush up your grammar and spelling, You can write your way to fast money. Do a little research to find the best rates. Craft a great pitch for your article, and make sure you send it to the right person (and not the “black hole” of the listed editorial address!). Happy writing!


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How to Make Quick Cash Online: Write something

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