How to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition

Since the creation of the internet and social media, hundreds of thousands of businesses have emerged. Of course, you want your business to stand out head and shoulders above the rest. In order to attract clients, you have to get their attention. How do you achieve that goal? There are several ways to make your business stand apart from the competition.

Evaluate Your Own Company

It is often very easy to compare your company to others. The tendency may be to think that they do something better than you. But just like every person, every business has something unique about itself that can make it stand out.

What do you currently do? Which products or services do your customers rave about? Are there products or services that are less popular or ignored? What about your branding? Has your company become stale and outdated? Is there room for something new and innovative? Can you improve a product or service?

If you want to attract clients, continually evaluating your business and its offerings is essential. Make sure to stay up-to-date and relevant.

Look for Opportunities to Show off Your Expertise

You might be the most brilliant financial adviser a work-at-home mom has ever hired, but how will your market know it?

Do you blog about investing? Do you share tax tips with your social media followers? And do you offer free advice in a select group of private forums?

Of course you do. But that’s not enough.

In order to be seen as the expert you are, you have to dig deeper, and not just with your content and advice.

You have to also “look the part.”

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on professional head shots (although you should have a selection of high-resolution photos available), but it does mean you need a clear, quality brand.

Attract clients with branding that communicates how well you can help them.

Get a Professional Website Makeover

Your website and blog are often the first thing a client, reader or influencer is going to see. What story does yours tell?

If your site is old, and still sports that logo you created in PowerPoint, it might be time for a makeover.

Just as you can’t command top dollar as a coach if you’re still “making do” with a free Wix website, you won’t attract the attention of top paying customers if you don’t look the part of an expert.

Invest in a quality website, a professionally designed logo and a well-written “about” or media page. With these pieces in place, every potential client will instantly know they are in the right place.

Attract clients with a quality, branded website. If you need help getting your website up to standard, email me.

Invest in Writers and Editors

Even an active, engaging blog filled with great advice will look unprofessional if it’s riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

We’re not all natural-born writers, so if you struggle to convey your message in text, invest in a great writer or editor. He or she will make you look like the expert you are, and leave no doubt about your capability to help your customer.

Attract clients with well-written, quality content that shows off your unique business position.

Reuse and Repurpose your Content

What can you reuse? Is there a sales letter that you can re-circulate or a product that you can enhance in order to gain new clients and customers?

What needs recreating? Do you have old blog posts that need rewriting? Or content that needs to be refreshed, updated and linked to newer posts? Or maybe there’s a retired product that could be dusted off and updated, to be released again.

3 Ways to Repurpose Your Content to Attract More Clients

You’ve got a wealth of information in that beautiful brain of yours but are you using it to better serve your business? There’s a fine line of sharing all your hard-earned knowledge for free and sharing it only with your paying clients. If you increase the ways to share your knowledge, you can attract clients while earning more income at the same time.

Step One: Written Content

I’ll assume you have dozens of blog posts, short reports, or even an ebook written, since most people start with the written word when creating content. One way to repurpose these blog posts and reports is to sort them into similar categories or by similar topics and combine them into an ebook which you can then sell on Amazon.

Or maybe these topics lend themselves more to a printed workbook with blank pages which your clients can write on and take notes.

You haven’t written or created brand new content. You’ve just organized previous content and given it a new cover.

Step Two: Video

Take these same blog posts and reports and create short videos on each subject. Post these videos on your YouTube channel and cross promote them on Facebook with links leading back to your website.

If video frightens you because you don’t want to be on camera, create PowerPoint slides with the text and then you have the choice of recording a voice over (with your own voice, of course) or simply adding some royalty-free background music that plays while the slides advance.

Another video option is to have animation created based on the subject matter. That is more costly than being in front of the camera but it’s also a way to garner attention.

Not everyone is an avid reader and using video helps build that personal relationship between you and your potential clients. It’s most powerful if you get on camera because not only can they put a face to the name but they can hear your voice, your inflections, and your personality.

If you’re a real talker instead of natural writer, get out the camera and start recording your videos. Then send it to a transcriber or transcription service who will turn it into the written word. Instant blog post or short report!

Step Three: Audio

Turn your blog posts, reports, or ebook into an audio file. Audio books are incredibly popular and you can sell that on your website or via a site like Audible.

Other recordings can be bundled together into an audio class, a free download opt-in gift, or as a teleclass.

If your specialty is motivational or inspirational, record daily motivational audios and for a monthly subscription they will be delivered to your clients who subscribe.

You can also follow the above advice and work backwards, starting with recording the audios and having them transcribed into blog posts, email series, or social media posts.

Repurpose Your Way to Passive Income

Combining your current content into different forms now gives you the opportunity to sell these as passive income streams. Keep in mind that different people have different ways of learning and absorbing material, so covering your bases between written, video and audio options is appealing.

Where do you stand with social media?

If your website does not incorporate social media, then it is time to include this all-important aspect into your business. Make sure people know where to find you on all the major platforms — and make sure those platforms are linked back to your website.

How can you reach more clients? Perhaps you need to set up a Facebook fan page if you do not already have one put in place. And check to see if you are responding to comments that visitors leave on your web page if you have one.

Engaging with clients is a sure-fire way to bring them closer to you rather than alienate them.

And reach out to other businesses and blogs to create a sharing opportunity on each other’s web sites through guest blogging or blog rolls.

3 Ways to Show Off Your Personality on Social Media

Social media platforms were created primarily as a way to connect with people, as a way to be social online without being in the same vicinity. However, with the increased popularity of social media and the ways you can promote your business with these platforms, some business owners forget about the ‘social’ part of social media and use it as a free advertising platform.

It’s been proven by experts that people will spend their money with those they know, like, and trust. But if all you’re doing is posting photos of your product or hyping your service or your signature program, you’re not allowing anyone to know you. If your followers don’t know who you are, it’s impossible for them to genuinely like you and you’re simultaneously hindering the trust factor.

So, show off your personality with your social media posts. Let the real you shine through and you will naturally attract your tribe of followers. Here are 3 ways to spice up your social media posts with some personality:

1. Act like you’re the hostess and your followers are at your party.

When hosting a party, you want everyone to be happy and having a good time, right? The same is true on social media platforms. Don’t just hang out on your page; visit other pages and leave comments. Ask your followers questions. Really listen to their answers. Respond to questions or comments that are asked of you. Be compassionate and friendly. Offer friendly advice when asked.

2. Share your sense of humor and be entertaining.

Search YouTube for the videos that strike your funny bone. Better yet, get on Facebook Live and showcase your personality. This doesn’t mean acting fake because you want people to be entertained; rather, be yourself and tell the funny thing your kid said or relay something comical that happened at work. Everybody can use a laugh and posting videos or funny photos is a way to lighten the online atmosphere.

3. Provide value and inspiration.

Talk about your business and let your passion shine but let it be more than, “Buy my services!” Your audience wants to know what’s in it for them, and how will your services benefit or help them. It’s not you making sales. It’s about helping them find solutions. Attract clients by showing that you genuinely care about them as people, not just as income.

Be Authentic

People want to hire and buy from those they know, like, and trust. That’s a universally held truth across the business world and the best way to earn the trust of your clients is to be authentic in how you present yourself.

What is authenticity?

Other than being a commonly-used buzzword these last few years, authenticity means being your true self in both words and actions. Your words and actions should match and your passion should be evident but not looking like it’s an act. Your honesty and integrity should be evident when speaking to you. And your online persona should match your offline persona when people meet you in person.

Some business people argue that there’s a subtle nuance to authenticity that really means being yourself in the correct setting.

For instance, wearing shorts or a business casual outfit to a corporate meeting where the other attendees are in formal suits could be seen as a sign of disrespect, even if that’s what you wear at your beach house. If you start cursing in the middle of a staff meeting or in your emails or on your social media posts, even if that’s how you speak at home, it could be seen as disrespectful and off putting.

No matter how you define the word authenticity, it’s an important trait when it comes to company branding and associating yourself as your company’s spokesperson. You won’t attract clients if your words and actions don’t line up. People instinctively know who they can trust and who they can’t. Be someone they can trust.

Who Would You Do Business With?

The poor used car salesman stereotype gets a bad rep but you can immediately picture a smarmy guy who is all pleasant to your face but then bad mouths you when out of earshot for not buying his car or asking too many questions. For most people, that would turn them off from buying because you wouldn’t know if he’s telling the truth or just wanting to sell you a car.

Someone who’s authentic would have a genuine interest in wanting to help you, in this example, by selling you a reliable used car that actually works. They would answer any questions you might have and would find the answers if they didn’t know them right off the bat. They would be honest about the inner workings of the car and would be disappointed if you walked away from the deal, but you wouldn’t feel pressured to buy something you’re not ready for.

Which of these salespeople gives you the better authenticity vibe in this example? Which one will attract clients?

How well are you doing?

Today’s business is extremely fast paced and moves at a rapid speed through change. Keeping up with those changes is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. If you want to attract clients, you’ll have to stay up-to-date. use quality branding and content, and be authentic. Don’t be afraid to show off your expertise and personality, but make sure that your words and actions line up.

People buy from who they know, like and trust. Help people see you and get to know you by using social media for more than just free advertising. Work with others and develop that community. And you’ll have more clients than you can work with!

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Every business needs to attract clients. How can you do this? With clear branding, quality, well-used content and social media that shows off your expertise

Attract Clients: making your business stand out

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