Sometimes, it can be hard to find the answers you want (or need!). Google doesn’t seem to be helping much, or you don’t even know what to ask. Finding the right solution for your problem can be challenging. Get help.

But if you need statistics for a case study, related content for social media, potential speakers for your summit, software to streamline your processes, or anything else, let me help.  Choose your research package here:

“Just the Facts” package:

You need a few facts or statistics for your personal or commercial use. Or you need potential speakers to round out a panel for a teleconference. Or you just want to know what options there are for whatever problem you may have. Whatever it is, you don’t have time to find them yourself, and you need them ASAP! – Includes 10 options, on a 1 page report: $100

“Service, please!” package:

You need to figure out how to do something, whether it be how to attract butterflies to your garden or SEO for your blog. Or you need to not only find but contact leads for your project. You want more details on options than just the basics. — Includes 10 options, plus custom VA services: $250

“Custom Solution” package:

You need a custom made solution to a more complex problem. From large-scale lead generation, to developing a tailored project plan, let’s brainstorm together. — Includes 60 minute brainstorming session, plus research and VA services as needed: $477



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