XeraSupport is a 21st century business support and research company. We thrive on the latest systems, processes and cutting edge information for a variety of small and growing businesses. We tailor time management, project management, research and marketing solutions to the specific problems facing small businesses today. With effective budget management strategies, we’re keen to provide quality services, identify cost-saving opportunities and still remain competitively affordable for the starting entrepreneur.

About my qualifications:

I have a background in office administration and bookkeeping, assisting with data management, customer service and accounting. I have 10 years of experience in email marketing, client management and customer follow up. I am especially familiar with the health-and-wellness industry, including green products, natural living, healthy eating and fitness topics. I’m also an excellent researcher, and I can help find the information you need to grow and market your business.

Hourly rate: $25


For your convenience, my most frequently requested services are in neat one-time-fee packages:

Getting Started
Blog and copywriting
Website, branding and email marketing