Blogging isn’t hard.

There are free platforms, so anyone can start a blog. Creating a good blog is a little harder. You need to be interesting and engaging for people to want to follow you.  Blogging for money is much more difficult. Having the following and email list for sales is harder to get. You need the right blogging resources to make it.

What skills do you need to blog?

Basically it’s simple: you need to be able to write. Anyone can put two words together.  A good writer will interest their reader. A great writer will compel their reader to action. It’s more than just grammar and spelling — although with today’s technology, there’s no excuse for poor spelling or grammar. If you need help in those areas, write your post in a word-processing program like Microsoft Word, and use spell check. You may also want to run your post through software such as Grammarly or Writing Tester. These will check your writing skills and readability, so you have the best writing possible.

Of course, blogging is a little more involved than just writing. Writing is where you start.

You also need to have an eye for design.

Adding images and graphics helps make your blog more visually appealing to your audience. You may want to become an amateur photographer. But if staging props and lighting seems out of your league, there are stock photo sites that you can use. You CANNOT just use any image you find on a Google search!! That’s illegal. So make sure you use pictures that are royalty-free and available for commercial use.  (Download my blogging resources cheat sheet for a list of sites with free and affordable images for bloggers.)

You will want to create your own

graphics for your blog and social media. This doesn’t have to be a lot of work. And you don’t need to have Photoshop to be able to do it. Sites like PicMonkey and Canva are free, online graphic design programs. They are user-friendly and they don’t take long to learn. It’s just drag and drop, with a number of pre-made layouts available for you to customize.

Publishing the blog is just one part of turning your blog into something that gives you income, too. To make money from your blog, you need to have either advertising, affiliate links or products for sale — or a combination of all three.

Advertising and affiliate marketing

will both only increase your income through increased readership. There are a number of networks and programs that you can join that will place ads on your site. You may not always have control over what ads are placed, so do make sure you do your research and choose carefully.

The same goes for affiliate marketing.  You need a certain amount of readers in order to guarantee income from affiliate links. The easiest affiliate program for any new blogger is through Amazon. But many programs that you may like and recommend will also offer an affiliate program.  You can work with other bloggers and businesses to support their products, and in turn, they offer you a cut of their profits. Just make sure you can legitimately recommend the product, or you may lose credibility and trust from your readers.

The third way to monetize your blog

is to create your own products and sell them. So part of your job as a blogger will be in product development. Whether it’s an ebook, ecourse, video, podcast, series or whatever other digital (or maybe physical?) product you create, you’ll spend time in its creation and design.

Thousands of new blogs are started every day.

It’s a growing industry! There are a lot of resources out there for the new blogger. Not all are going to be the most useful or helpful. But with so many skills needed, every beginner needs training. Here are my top four blogging resources for the beginning blogger:


    Suzi, founder of is a former industrial engineer turned stay-at-home-mom who took her expertise at creating systems for large companies and applied to it blogging. She has created amazing training and tools to take you from beginner to full-time blogger in no time.  I highly recommend her Blog-by-Numbers Ebook. It’s step-by-step instructions are so simple yet get you up and running quickly. And then, when you’re ready for more, her Blog-by-Numbers E-course is the perfect hand up.


    Hailey is a veteran content specialist. She’s been in business for over a decade and she knows her stuff. If you need help with creating the content for your blog, your products or your social media, Hailey can help! Her Content Empire Planner is an incredible resource for planning out your blog posts and advertising. If you’re ready for more, try the Content Empire Kit.  And for someone who’s ready to take their blog to the big time, Hailey’s group program Your Content, Your Empire or her personal 1-to-1 coaching is what you’ll need.


    Jenn has been a blogger since 1999!! She knows the blogging industry inside and out. She offers everything a new blogger needs to take their hobby blog to a blog that makes money. Check out her Blog to Biz Toolkit as a starting point. Or for a bigger leap, her Better Blogging Academy is like a college course for bloggers. Plus, you’ll want to be part of her Facebook group, for support and encouragement.


    Laura is a mom of 2 and the organizing guru for your blog, business and life. I’m a planner junkie, and Laura’s blog is like Disneyland for me. I love her easy introduction to starting a blog (Start a Blog in 15), but its her List Building Academy that gets her on my list. Not only that, she makes printable and product design look easy. If you’re looking for pretty, affordable yet functional planners, you need to look at her Etsy store.

Anyone can start a blog.

Not everyone will make money.  Only some turn their blog into a money-making concern. It takes time, effort, creativity and the willingness to learn new skills. You also need the right blogging resources. But if you’re willing to put the work into it, you will see the return on your investment. Happy blogging!

Blogging 101: Beginner Blogging Resources
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