It’s About Creating Time Spaces

The Rhythm of Routine: A goes to B goes to C. It’s a new year, and what most of us do is make promises to ourselves about changes we’re going to make.  One of the most effective ways to keep those promises is to change the rhythm of your day: create a routine (or two!).

A routine is a series of events tied together by the order they happen in, not by how long they take or any particular time they may happen at. The key is that C follows B which follows A, not that A takes 5 minutes, B takes 10 and C takes 15. Routines allow for flexibility and the occasional interruption — because just because you need to randomly tie a child’s shoe between brushing your hair and drinking your coffee, doesn’t mean that your whole day needs to be thrown off by the interruption.

Three tips for Making the Best Use of Routines

  1. Use your calendar so it works best for you.

    Make your calendar something portable, so you can record everything as you are notified about it. Whether you use a digital calendar, an all-in-one planner and agenda, or a simple monthly calendar pocket book, calendars are essential to creating routines that work.

    Whichever one you use, use only one calendar. Record all your commitments on that one calendar, so that you have a clear idea of what you need to do, and don’t overextend or double book yourself. Include only the must-do items. Things like taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, or checking your email don’t belong on your calendar.

    Ensure you review your calendar at the beginning of the week, and every morning. A calendar is no use to you if you don’t look at it.

For the rest of the tips, and more about creating great routines, check out the original post on Raising Royalty!

WAHM Guide to Success: the Rhythm of Routine (from Raising Royalty)

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