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Ready for a website? Save money, take complete control and DIY your WordPress Website. I’ll show you how.

About XeraSupport

XeraSupport is your virtual business support agency. From technical support, to website design, to business foundational support, we’ll help you get started so you can grow!


XeraSupport offers tips, tricks and interviews about working from home and starting a business. From getting organized to work at home mom advice, you’ll find all the info you need to support your work at home journey.

Branding Basics for Beginners

One of the first things every new business owner must do is develop their business' identity and personality. Branding your business doesn't have to be complicated. This workbook will help you create your business brand, simply and quickly. You do not have to be a marketing expert to use it!

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What I Wish I Knew When Starting Online Business

What I Wish I Knew When Starting Online Business

The learning curve when starting online business is steep. There’s a ton to figure out, and it can feel like you have to know all the things and do all the things,┬áright now!! When I got started, I struggled with

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What Our Clients Say:

Sarah of XeraSupport has been a godsend! I am a business owner who is up-leveling my business to an online market. Without Sarah's know-how, dedication to my project, and her optimistic and calming support, I could not have finished my first ever tele-summit. Thank you Sarah, for the work that you do! I will have less angst about my next project knowing that your professionalism is available to me!

Judi Meredith Founder, Daring Dancer

I hired Sarah to look into an issue with my blog that had been plaguing me for weeks. Within a few minutes Sarah had figured out what the problem was, fixed it and then went on to do some site maintenance for me. Her service charges are incredibly reasonable, something that is really important for a smaller blog like mine. I highly recommend her services and will definitely be using her again.

Sharon Harding
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