Blog and copywriting services

You want to create a blog or business.  You have the idea for a blog. Or you have a blog.  You need help with creating platforms and content! For all your content creation needs, these packages may help. Start here:


Sometimes, it can be hard to find the answers you want (or need!). Google doesn’t seem to be helping much, or you don’t even know what to ask. Finding the right solution for your problem can be challenging. Get help.

How to start a business

Working from home can seem overwhelming and confusing.. and a little bit scary. Where do you start? How do you avoid the scams? What’s the difference between work-at-home jobs and a business? Help!! Choose the right plan for you here:

Start your own Virtual Assistant Business!

Get this step-by-step instruction manual, complete with the descriptions, tools, courses and skills you need to succeed.

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Risky business? Start your own work-at-home career

I’m guest posting over at Empowered Fempreneurs! Are you ready to dive in and start your own work-at-home career? I talk a lot about how to start a business and work from home on the blog. Today I’m guest posting

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What Our Clients Say:

Sarah of XeraSupport has been a godsend! I am a business owner who is up-leveling my business to an online market. Without Sarah's know-how, dedication to my project, and her optimistic and calming support, I could not have finished my first ever tele-summit. Thank you Sarah, for the work that you do! I will have less angst about my next project knowing that your professionalism is available to me!

Judi Meredith Founder, Daring Dancer